lady gaga’s outrageous clothing . ?

well. . . to start off im a hugh fan of gaga.. i thinks shes awesome. . but some people (tasteless people) , don’t like her. . but what i dont get is why people critisize her sooo much on her clothes . ? . like yeah she wears ‘meat’, costumes (whiich iis sick), but iits original. . like who else have u seen wearing a meat costume. ? . to be totally honest i think gaga has balls for wearing a costume made from meat. . hell yeah shes got some vegans and vegitarians mad but come on . . the girl likes her meat. . and she rocks iit. . iid liike to see someone else try to pull off a meat costume. . . doubt they rock iit like her tho. . she is crazyy and cookiie but thats why we love her . . shes random and original and you gotta give her credit for being herself. . (which mabe is mad?) but you get my point. . so come on ‘lil monsters’ and get your meat suit out =P

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